Mayan Wellness Adventure
with Chris Whitcoe, Sirena Sastré & Guests
Feb 21-27 • Jungle Eco Village • TULUM • MEXICO

7-Day Whole Person Empowerment Retreat

Cleanse Your Body
Free Your Mind
Lift your Spirit

Join our professional Detox Team - Chris Whitcoe, Sirena Sastré & Special Guests - in paradisiacal Tulum, Mexico, for Live Food, Cleansing Juice, Invigorating Movement, Spiritual Evolution & Awesome adventure!

This is a complete, revolutionary UPGRADE to the traditional Liver/Gallbladder flush!

Key benefits our students have received:
  • Quick and easy weight loss (up to 10lbs and more!)

  • Increased Energy & Focus

  • Activated sense of Purpose

  • Re-energized commitment to healthy living

  • Reversal of the aging process


    $ Includes lodging and meals. Does not include airfare.
Please contact Sirena Sastré if you have any questions.

Retreat Overview

When you cleanse and purify the body you free-up your life energy to answer your ‘next-level calling.” What will you do when you experience your most vibrant energy possible?

Utilize the ancient process of raw, organic, vegan cuisine and green juice fasting (and the Optional Liver-Gallbladder flush) to reboot your body, balance your constitution and activate your immune system.

Some of the benefits our students have received are:

  1. Quick and easy weight loss (up to 10lbs and more!)
  2. Increased Energy & Focus
  3. Activated sense of Purpose
  4. Re-energized commitment to healthy living
  5. Reversal of the aging process

Daily yoga encourages the release of toxins, aligns the mind and heart, builds strength and balance, and establishes a new paradigm for self-care. Regardless of your experience, our yoga classes are a way to bring all skill levels together to enjoy connection and camaraderie as we “move” into our highest expression.

Emotional Clearing

Each day we will contemplate and evaluate our personal state of emotional health. We will examine the nature of emotional intelligence, using Dr. David Hawkins “Scale of Consciousness.”

We will practice different techniques for quickly and effectively handling lower vibrational emotions such as anger, frustration, grief and fear, including our very effective 8 Step Clearing Process

Holistic Health Learning Topics

Learning is the key to supporting your personal growth. Here are some of the holistic topics we will go into:

  1. True Health = Optimal Cellular Function
  2. 3 Stages of Fasting > Glycogenolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Ketosis
  3. Reasons for fasting
  4. Research
  5. Resistance to disease
  6. Cardiovascular and Brain function
  7. Anti-aging
  8. Reduced stroke
  9. Energy
  10. Dry Fasting
  11. Supplements
  12. Deepening the Fast
  13. Nutrient Delivery Process
  14. Entry
  15. Physical Breakdown
  16. Chemical Breakdown
  17. Stomach Absorption, Intestines. Processing in the Liver
  18. Detoxification > Lymphatic System, Thoracic Duct
  19. Colon Love — How to POOP!
  20. Never be “Sick” again
Psycho-Emotional Training

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed, lonely, sad, frustrated, angry, hopeless? Ancient and dynamic exercises enable you to have clearer boundaries, express your confidence powerfully, open channels of effective communication, activate your inner creativity, and clear out the dramatic skeletons buried in the back of your closet. Daily and situational personal martial arts practices similar to a blend of yoga and firey qi gong, can change your mood and shift your reaction in stressful situations in just moments.

Spiritual Divine Masculine / Feminine

(No partner necessary) Open your mind to your core essence and the synchronistic dance of the feminine and masculine within yourself and with your significant other.

Tantalizing Tantric Nutrition

Creating balanced, healthy, intimate, and powerful relationships start in your belly-mind connection. Combining sensual and practical wisdom helps satisfy cravings for attention, self love, healthy self image, and out of the norm superhero relationships in work, family, and romance. Come share food and sensuality in exciting new ways that reframe drastic behaviors resulting from the need for attention, eating for emotional security, and depleting self sabotaging habits. Tonight’s tantric feast and ritual will leave you satiated and smiling.

New Age Equality and Power Dynamics

The dance of partnership and playfully understanding gender roles takes modern relationships beyond the content but doomed relationship land of lies, deceit, fear, anger. Even for people who do not prescribe to gender roles or labels, masculine and feminine qualities and ideas create our socially accepted fields of interaction. Explore the archetypal patterns inherent in masculine and feminine energies through tantric dances, partner breath work, and nonverbal communication practices that help you relate to “the other,” connect more deeply without creating drama, and raise levels of conscious intimacy.

Preference and Purpose in Committed/Monogamous/Polyamorous Relationships

Our relationships show us the results of our choices, current level of personal empowerment, willingness to share. Navigating relational depth through yummy yet sometimes bittersweet conversations around needs and agreements, emotional withdrawl, and conflicts with an attitude for awareness, growth, and healing is optimal for peace. Relate to and release residual shame, blame, and guilt when natural attractions to people outside your primary partnership occur and experience how these healthy situations often allow for breathing room, emotional independence, and deep healing to naturally and harmoniously occur.

Conscious Language

Learn and practice the power of language in order to manifest your highest outcomes for yourself and others. Are YOU Your Own Biggest Obstacle? Is what you say what you really choose? It is time to Shut-Up and Shine ™ and create a new outcome! Although victimhood is a seductive path, you can learn to choose a new one through Conscious Language.

  1. Use language to bypass the difficulty of changing your habitual negative thinking.
  2. Identify your #1 oppressor: YOU.
  3. Learn the specific techniques to help you release your own self sabotage.
  4. Restructure your beliefs by shifting unconscious thought patterns.
  5. Upgrade your mind immediately.

Our culture has embedded patterns within our language that keep us psychologically held back from our true potential. Using Conscious Language, you can intentionally create your highest outcome in life. This will affect your business, your relationships and most of all, your overall happiness with your life.

Conscious Livelihood

As we search for meaning in our lives, we also look to our careers, not only support us financially, but also to support our life’s purpose. Is your current “job” in alignment with who you are and why you are here in this lifetime? What is the future template for conscious business? How to we compete in a world while choosing to not be competitive?

We will examine these constructs and begin to re-define our own life-work and who we are choosing to be in this world

Mayan Adventure

Ok so this is a bit of an outline on what the talk would consist of.

 Time and consciousness among the Maya.

  •  Brief synopsis of the mayan civilization including: timeline of their rise and fall, territory, different skills/tools/advances we inherited from them.
  • The 19 different calendars and some of their applications.
  • The relevance of star systems and planets within the mayan calendars.
  • The basic components of the Tzolkin Calendar.
  • How the living wisdom of the mayan calendar clears our perception and reveals the perfection and interrelation of life's events together with the understanding of our relationship to these and the people in our lives.
  • The power of man to dream/create reality as well as navigate life's cycles in a profound and effective manner.
  • The mayan calendar as a tool for evolving awareness and synchronizing the human heart with the cosmos.
  • Beyond religion, the science of consciousness.

Mayan Astrology

This is an personal reading that is an optional part of the course. (Additional cost may apply.)

  • See who you are in your life path as an integral part of your evolution, realize your talents and see beyond the veils that prevent you from living an inspired life full of growth and opportunity.
  • Heal past wounds by understanding your life cycles with their inherent lessons and wisdom.
  • Gain appreciation and respect for the people in your life by realizing the gifts they are making available to you.
  • Receive clarity in relation to a particular current question.
  • What you can expect from the current or coming year and how you may best benefit from the challenges and opportunities that are being presented to you.
Raw Food Prep

Each day we will be going through different recipes and showing you how we can make delicious & nutricious meals.

You will receive a manual for the course in digital format. It is packed with cleansing protocols, resources for purchasing cleanse ingredients, ideas for your own retreats, and lifelong practice suggestions. The manual also includes awesome nut- and seed-free, low-glycemic cleansing recipes by Elaina Love, which are easy to make and taste fantastic!

We recommend that you do the green juice, low-glycemic fast during this week. However, those of you who are very thin or feel the need to supplement with low glycemic, nut-free raw foods may do so.

About Us

Chris Whitcoe, B.E., M.A. has personally educated hundreds of health seekers on green juice cleansing and the Liver/Gallbladder Flush. He spent many years researching and studying nutrition under one of the foremost experts on nutrition and health, Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D.

Chris is an entrepreneur and teacher of holistic nutrition, business as a path for spiritual transformation and conscious language for self-empowerment. Gulf War veteran, he served as a F117A Stealth Fighter computer systems specialist. Chris majored in Electrical Engineering, with triple minors in Computer Science, Math and French literature. He began his consulting career developing enterprise solutions in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, banking and energy sectors. With the death of his parents from Heart Disease and Cancer, Chris left the tech consulting world to begin a journey of conscious living. He started a superfood company, a world class gourmet raw food culinary academy, and is currently creating an online lifestyle coaching system for reversing diabetes naturally.
Sirena Sastré is an Organic Living Food advocate in the Yucatan, Mexico where she created ElaMaya, offering Wellness Escapades that feature guided cleanses, juice feasts and gourmet live cuisine in Tulum's paradisiacal setting which sets the stage for a body, mind & soul R~evolution.  

Student Intake

We are delighted to have you join us for the Mayan Wellness Adventure 7 day Whole Person Empowerment Retreat, February 21st-27th, 2015 at Jungle Eco Village in beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

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Accomodations are now included in the tuition investement.

Retreat will take place at IK Balam Jungle Eco Village, located 15 kilometres west from Tulum.

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    $ Includes lodging and meals. Does not include airfare.
Please contact Sirena Sastré if you have any questions.